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private sessions

Prices vary depending on where you book in and there are discounts for multiple sessions; reach out for details.

  • I teach and treat out of my home studio near Canonbury Station in Northeast London.  

       We can MELT or explore Pilates on the Reformer or Wunda Chair.

       The diary is handled by the clinic and they can be reached at 02078343700.

  • Schedule permitting, I'll travel to your home or office in London Zone 1. 

  • Live Online Pilates, yoga, movement and breathing lessons available via Zoom or Skype. If you have MELT balls and/or roller, I will help you online to refine your technique, develop a personal "map" and address any questions.  If you are looking for NKT treatment, in person is of course ideal, but this can also be done online (we don't have much choice nowadays!)  

group classes

  • MELT group classes in London are on the distant horizon.  I'm deciding locations and structure; if you have any requests feel free to send an email and let me know what or where you'd like. 


  • The back burner is simmering; will post here when anything is brought forward.
  • Subscribe below to get notification of future events.  

teacher training in the UK!

  • Stay tuned for the 2023 training schedule.

Follow these links if you want to read more about the MELT method or MELT creator Sue Hitzmann!

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