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  • Do you have chronic pain?

  • Are you postnatal, seeking to smartly & safely recover from the inevitable challenges of pregnancy & birth?  

  • Do you want to improve your muscle balance or athletic performance? 

  • Do you feel as if you are in a struggle with your body?

  • Are you wondering what the MELT method is and interested to learn how you can use it to help yourself?

  • Have you been thinking for ages you would like to learn Pilates or yoga?

  • Do you want to refine and explore your practice more deeply or figure out what might be inhibiting you?

Let's work together to achieve your goals! 

Whether you want to discover more about your movement patterns or simply learn the MELT method to help free yourself from pain, let me share my experience and enthusiasm with you on your journey.   

about me

monica halper

thoughtful movement

postnatal recovery

therapeutic massage

melt method



I have been teaching MELT Method techniques since 2014, yoga since 2001 and Pilates since 2006.  I am a certified Raynor Massage Therapist, trained with London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage, and am working towards certification in Level 1 Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT).  Also extremely influential to my work is my completion of Advanced Post Natal Wellness and Natal Fitness with Burrell Education.  I study voraciously and continue to soak up all the evidence-based knowledge and amazing techniques I can in order to give my clients the best chance of achieving their goals. 


After three years studying Taekwondo, I was drawn to the more introspective and less aggressive practice of yoga.  After completing two comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training programs in 2002, I taught at Yoga Works in Los Angeles for several years before moving to London, England in 2006 to embark on my Pilates journey (and marry a sweet British man). In Alan Herdman's Pilates Teacher Training, I sought to nurture my own injuries and to foster a deeper understanding of my compensatory patterns and the anatomy of movement.  As I immersed myself in the method and witnessed its sound, practical benefits, a true love of Pilates took hold.  Armed with matwork and apparatus certifications, I felt better enabled and eager to guide students with injury rehabilitation, physical therapy maintenance, the experience of the pre- and post-natal body, common and undiagnosed musculoskeletal imbalances, or those simply wishing to grow stronger, more balanced and more connected to their own bodies. 


In my continual quest to gain more tools for my toolbox and help my students relieve their pain while learning about their bodies, I discovered the MELT method Hands-Off Bodywork!  I have completed 4 MELT Method teacher programs, including the MELT Neurostrength curriculum (hands-off neuromuscular therapy) which is absolutely super for getting the results people need. I LOVE my job! 

about melt

The MELT Method is a simple self-treatment method that eliminates chronic pain, improves performance, and decreases accumulated stress caused by the repetitive postures and movements of everyday living.  MELT techniques utilise specialised tools to foster better hydration and fluid exchange in the connective tissue system which in turn improves neurological communication.  MELT is a beneficial addition to any wellness or fitness routine.

Follow these links if you want to read more about the MELT method or MELT creator Sue Hitzmann!



Looking for MELT method products in the UK?  Our unique soft foam roller and Hand and Foot ball kit are integral to the effectiveness of the techniques.  I stock full rollers, half round rollers, short Performance rollers and Hand & Foot treatment ball sets!  

Products can be posted via Royal Mail following payment by direct bank transfer.  

Contact me for availability, other products, postage rates and payment.

Orders must be completed by email; the website does not track stock levels.

Full Hand & Foot Kit £45   Full Roller & Full Ball Kit combo £100

Mini Hand & Foot Kit £25

Full Foam Roller £65

Half Foam Roller £40

Short Perf Roller £40


private sessions

Prices vary depending on where you book in and there are discounts for multiple sessions; just get in touch for details.

  • I teach and treat out of my home studio near Canonbury Station in Northeast London.  

       We can MELT or explore Pilates on the Reformer or Wunda Chair.

       The diary is handled by the clinic and they can be reached at 02078343700.

  • Schedule permitting, I'll travel to your home or office in London Zone 1. 

group classes

  • MELT group classes in London are on the distant horizon.  I'm deciding locations and structure; if you have any requests feel free to send an email and let me know what or where you'd like. 

workshops and events

teacher training in the UK!

  • Sue Hitzmann completed the fifth MELT Instructor Training on this side of the pond June 2019! 

  • Stay tuned for the 2020 course schedule.

  • The back burner is simmering; will post here when anything is brought forward.

  • Subscribe below to get notification of future events.  

Follow these links if you want to read more about the MELT method or MELT creator Sue Hitzmann!

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44 (0) 7983 525320


You can also order your products direct from the MELT Method store.

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